Day 6

10The Tour Guide, Mr. Toy from Pandaw cruise came to the hotel and picked up us to see the General Post Office and Vietnam lacquerware factory. The Vietnamese lacquerware is big different with our lacquerware products. They use mostly chemical black color, spray to products and then dry the wares outside.  After drying, they polish them with sand paper, and spray again. They do the same way for about five times. One week later, they finish basic black color and they paint color not only with brush also decorate with mother of pearl underneath glue. To make the whole product, it lasts only for about one month.

Our Bagan lacquerware have to make for about six months to finish the whole process. We use organic lacquer sap from tree ( Melononia usitata   ) and apply over the wares by hand. Then we usually put the wares inside the underground where is always constant temperature. The wares need to dry for about 4 days in the underground. After then we coat another layers of lacquer over the wares depend on quality how much we should have. After lacquer layers, we make traditional designs with a needle over the wares.11

If we paint them by spray, we cannot make them with the needle for several designs.

We need to make them for good designs and beautiful color. Spraying may need 10 times of layers to paint and dry in the underground.

If we paint them with a brush by color, they are not needed to make many layers. Our Bagan style in lacquerware making is unique in the World. We are itching with needle over the lacquerware items. But the people at Bagan are still doing in traditional ways and items.

The Vietnames lacquerware items are mostly modern designs and items which can be useful every day. Moreover they have French designers and modern items, some are abstract designs.

I bought some from that lacquer factory.

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