Day 7


Today Miss Bee from Pandaw office comes and takes us sightseeing to go to the Reunification Hall, and she explains me about her family and Vietnam history. I listened to her grandparents’ story, because she said to. It was very interesting and also made us sad about the Vietnam War.

Her Grandfather was a chief of accounting officer in South Vietnam government, when South Vietnam failed, her grandfather was died in prison, and her grandma had got six children and the oldest one is 15 years only and the youngest one is fifteen months only at that time. Her grandma was a very strong woman and she started life without a husband and fight for life with a big struggle. However all children were growing well as educated persons.


After Reunification Hall, we continue to visit War Museum of Remnants and all are historical photos inside museum and weapons from Vietnam War. The tiger caves are witness from American military done very cruel to Vietnamese.

All photos are big witness for a new generation. I felt that I am afraid of war.


Vietnam people —— five million people lost their lives

America people ——– 58226 lost their lives

Financial cost from American ——– 150 billion dollars

Vietnam War time Line,

1965 —-1968 the jungle years

1969 —- 1975 the battle end


After Vietnam War, the American government made sanction to Vietnam communist economy. The country got poor at that time.

The Vietnam government started to discuss the progress of their economy and started to open in 1988. But they were really successful to open and stop sanction from American and EU in 1995.


From 1995 to 2009 Vietnam had got a big progress in their economy. Hochimin city was under the construction and the new buildings were everywhere.

The tour guide explains me about the present time of Vietnam government. Today the government makes a great praise to the educated persons. Moreover they always accept some suggestions from the Master of Business who graduated from America or Western countries though they appointed the excellent warriors who can be a minister in old days. Our Myanmar has a similar story like Vietnam. We should look out Vietnam economics’ route and situation.

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